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Surah 8 - Al Anfal
008.002 For, Believers are those who, when Allah is mentioned, feel a tremor in their hearts, and when they hear His signs rehearsed, find their faith strengthened, and put (all) their trust in their Lord;

Sahih Bukhari
The Best among you is he who learns the Holy Quran and teaches to others.

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#1: How Can I register myself to get my Online Quran Lessons...???
Simply go to the REGISTRATION menu and follow the easy steps to be a part of Online Quran Learning and get your Online Quran Lessons. Registration:

#2: I want to get my basic Quran reading lessons from the beginning…can ..??? 
Obviously, we offer different Quran courses from beginners to advance levels according to your mental capacity and approach, so you can get your basic Quran reading Course through one to one interaction with your online Quran teacher.

#3: Can I be able to read and recite the Holy Quran with proper Quranic pronunciation ...???
Yes, of course, all you have to do is, just register yourself to Online Quran Learning and log on to us, and then get the simple step by step Online Quranic Lessons and Quran reading courses with proper Quranic pronunciation, under the supervision of highly qualified and educated Quran teachers.

#4: Can I choose the weekly timings for my Online Quran Classes...??? Please guide me...!!!
Yes, why not, you can choose alternate or four or five days a week for your online Quran classes according to your educational and professional appointments.

#5: I want to continue my Online Quran Classes without disturbing my working hours can I...???
You can select your weekly timings as, alternate days or four or five days a week, so you can continue your job and online Quran classes according to your convenience.

#6: I want myself learn the Basic Quranic Arabic and able translate the Holy Quran how..???
We are offering different courses to read and understand the Holy Quran, and offering a unique TPI method to learn the basic Quranic Arabic, and this method is very effective to make you able to translate the Holy Quran.

#7: I wan to select weekly alternate days for my online Quran courses, so what will be the monthly charges..???
Alternate days means, three days a week, so the monthly charges will start from 33$ for USA and Canada, 21£ for UK and 23€ for other European countries.

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